Stories of Joy

"Thank you is not enough. The funds sent to use to help cover our ABA bills is such a blessing and I am truly grateful. I hope to do this for others one day!"

- Taysom's Mama

“The relief this gave our family was immense! I have shed both happy and hard tears on this journey but on this day in my car, I cried tears of joy! Thank you Channing’s Joy Foundation and all the people who support it for helping families like us and spreading joy! You are a true blessing to the autism community! ”

- Evan’s mama

"I never thought I could potty train my non-speaking son but we are almost to the end of the potty training journey and we wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of the Autism Consultant and Channing's Joy Foundation for giving us a scholarship. Thank you so much!!"

- Palmer's Mama

"Oh my goodness! You have no idea what a weight this lifts off of us. We have been run down, exhausted, and stressed. I have missed my boys terribly as I have been trying to work all evenings and weekends trying to make up this money. We have been praying and praying that God would give us a miracle because I just didn't see it happening that we could physically come up with this amount on our own. We are sobbing. The feeling that we couldn't provide something our boys needed was just mentally debilitating. This will change our lives. I will never be able to express how thankful we are."

- Luke + Logan's Mama

“The funds we received were used to pay for speech therapy for Sebastian. Without the funds we received from Channing’s Joy we would not be hearing my sweet boy’s voice. He has been thriving because the opportunity we were given to keep him in speech. Thank you does not come close to the gratitude we have for all that you have done for us.”

- Sebastian’s mama

"The most difficult part of being autism parents for us has been the fight for Lucas' schooling. It has been exhausting and frustrating. We know how smart and amazing our little man is and the fact that people wouldn't even give him a chance to success is heart-breaking. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is and supporting Lucas' school. They have been inclusive since the start and he is thriving because of it!"

- Lucas' Mama + Daddy

"Thank you so much again for everything. We're having such a great time. God placed you in our lives for a reason. Carowinds has so many options for disabilities & we didn't have to wait in line long. Great beautiful weather today! We thank God so much!"

- Jaborie's Mama

"The Channing's Joy Foundation very kindly helped our son Jude by purchasing him a Wonderfold Wagon. This wagon has changed our lives and more importantly Jude's life in giving him a safe haven to be in when we are out and about."

- Jude's Mama

“I am a mama of 3 boys, ages 10, 8, and 4 and my husband very unexpectedly passed away recently. Words cannot even begin to describe the appreciation I have for The Channing's Joy Foundation for helping me be able to afford my son Nolan's specialized, community-based summer camp for kiddos with autism. Thank you so much for helping this autism mama feel loved, supported, and part of a strong community. ”

- Nolan’s mama

“Our family was blessed! We have now decided to use the funds to get a new bed for her (per her request) and redo it to her liking. and we can’t redo one bedroom and not the other. We are so extremely blessed that we received this gracious gift. Extra big girl rooms loading...”

- Adalyn & Emersyn’s mama

“I’ll never forget how you blessed our family with funds from your amazing foundation. we appreciate you more than you know.”

- Macallan’s mama

“The beginning stages after diagnosis truly takes a toll on you; emotionally, physically, and financially. With the assistance from Channing’s Joy, our family was able to finally breathe in what seemed like our darkest time. Thank you so much for what you continue to do for the autism community!”

- Desmond’s mama

“The funds helped our family in such a big way, it helped with 2 months of ABA services that insurance partially covered. My sons father just had been let go from his job so these funds were a blessing to help us get back on our feet. We cannot thank you guys enough! Thank you so much Channing’s Joy!"

- Camdyn’s mama

"Omg Lauren, it has been a dream. for the first time in his life, I'm able to cuddle with my son. This has been so stressful and hard for me. After months of frustrating phone calls, follow up emails and repeated appeals, you stepped in and helped David get his bed and we are forever grateful.”

- David’s mama